Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance policy

I. Introduction

Policies and processes are the main pillars of a coherent institutional quality assurance system that forms a cycle for continuous improvement and contributes to the accountability of the institution. It supports the development of quality culture in which all internal stakeholders assume responsibility for quality and engage in quality assurance at all levels of the institution. In order to facilitate this, the policy has a formal status and is publicly available. Quality assurance policies are most effective when they reflect the relationship between research and learning & teaching and take account of both the national context in which the institution operates, the institutional context and its strategic approach

The office of Quality Assurance (QA) in DandiiBoru College takes the leadership and initiative in the institutional quality assurance of the College. It helps the institution to make a judgement of its performance for future enhancement of services. The strategic plan of DandiiBoru college 2011-2015the direction that DandiiBoru College follow will During the period to serve and meet the changing needs of a national and global market by providing quality higher education in Ethiopia . A Quality Assurance Policy is now being implemented by the Quality Assurance office, based on the findings and report by the Quality Assurance Committee Task Force and by the Higher Education Relevance and Agency (HERQA) set up by the Provost Office and by Ministry of Education respectively.

Quality assurance is not about processes or procedures, it is rather a mission that needs everyone attention and support (students, academic and administrative staff) to understand and practice activities in keeping with quality standardizes in the College. Quality work requires assessing fitness of purpose, effective management, employability of graduates, standardization of procedures and innovative teaching, learning and community engagements to keep our College competitive and be sustainable in this globalize education, to fulfill the mission and vision of a College and to contribute for the development of the country.

Development of specific protocols and procedures that governs all core and support processes is important in quality assurance activities which allow the College to analyse its strength and weakness thereby taking actions. These areas will cover the inputs, processes, and the output of all the system.The realization of the Quality assurance depends crucially on a commitment at all levels of ranches to ensuring that its program have clear and explicit intended outcomes;that its staff are ready, willing and able to provide teaching and learner support that will help its students achieve those outcomes; and that there is full, timely and tangible recognition of the contribution to its work by those of its staff who demonstrate particular excellence, expertise and dedication.


Vision of the office is to create and sustain a distinctive nationally and internationally recognized College at the forefront in learning-teaching, real-world research and community engagement through continuous improvement and commitments to quality management processes


In response to national and international demand in education, the office aspire to see DandiiBoru College be excellent in all aspects of its operations and offer the best services to all customers and produce competent individuals/graduates in wide spectrum of academic disciplines


  • Teamwork
    • • Get the job done correctly
    • • Constructive communication about the jobs and tasks that are dependent on each other
    • • Act and react appropriately based on communication and what has been communicated
  • Integrity
    • • Keeping promises and commitments
    • • Showing respect
    • • Demonstrating openness and transparency
  • Communication
    • • Encouraging listener responses such as questions/feedback
    • • Active listening behaviours
    • • Volunteering of feedback in a way that enhances the other person’s dignity
  • Positive Attitudes
    • • Genuine smile
    • • Positive feedback
    • • Celebrate successes
    • • Whenever possible discuss the positive rather than the negative
  • Quality
    • • General concern about quality which encompasses the identification of and communication of errors
    • • Participation in the resolution of data related problems
    • • Communication of “follow up” or resolution of errors to all concerned parties
    • • Auditing and testing data
    • • Establishment of standards and educating people about those standards
    • • Establishment of standard work flows that are followed by people and processes
  • Credibility
    • • Meet deadlines
    • • Verifying data through professional testing
    • • Discovery and reporting of problems


  • To ensure that the quality of academic programs at the DandiiBoru College meet standards expected by stakeholders.
  • Developing and implementing formal quality assurance systems, policies and procedures to help any activities in the College to be consistent and responsive to the vision, mission, goal, and objectives of the College.
  • To enable DandiiBoru College to assure itself, its stakeholders and the Higher EducationRelevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) that the College’s polices, systems and processesfor the development, maintenance and enhancement of quality in all its educational provisions arefunctioning effectively;
  • Integrating quality assurance system comprehensively, clearly and concretely in every step, every level of operation in order to instill quality culture in the College.
  • assessing the quality of core process activities (teaching-learning, research community engagement and student services) and support process activities (Information communication Technology, Human Resource Management, Estate and facility management) of the College;
  • Improving College’s overall management practices to be exemplary in good governance;
  • To communicate/liaise with the relevant statutory, accreditation and professional boards and bodies
  • To provide guidance in identifying internal and external standards and set criteria consistent withinternationally recognized standards.
  • To assist in maintaining and developing quality of academic programs through enhanced supportmechanisms.
  • To facilitate development of a culture of continuous quality improvement to achieve academicexcellence.
  • Through the College’s organs, to strengthen the independent role played by the Quality AssuranceOffice in quality management and enhancement

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