Research Policy


I. Introduction

The long-term vision of DandiiBoru College is to become one of the premier public higher education institutions in the country, renowned in Africa and respected internationally for its innovative approaches to bolster its core missions by providing outstanding educational programs and creative or applicable research programs that are focused on addressing issues affecting the community at large. DandiiBoru College will be working diligently to provide nationally and internationally recognized undergraduate programs in its core disciplines. Its aim is to be recognized for research undertakings, scholarship of community engagement activities, effectiveness of infrastructure and human resource development, and networking activities with national and international institutions of higher-education programs.

This research policy document is prepared based on the ideas from Higher education proclamation (650/2009), education policy and ministry of education relevant documents. In this document, basic research policy guidelines such as research priority setting, research planning and management process, research resource allocation and utilization, development of research culture, dissemination of research results, scientific misconduct, ethical and environmental considerations, and other various issues are clearly stated. Proper documentation of research outputs and policy briefs are good indicators of the performance of the College in terms of research and publications. Several research projects have been attempted since 2013 in DandiiBoru College . This policy is prepared to improve the research process, documentation and dissemination processes for research outputs and teaching materials.

II. Aim of the Research Policy

The overall aims of this policy are to:

  • develop a legacy of clear guidance and set of standards that can be used and applied in a wide variety of research activities;
  • motivate the staff to undertake research activities
  • facilitate the development of quality and sound research capacity of the staff
  • promote technology adaptation and transfer capacity of the College through different means so as to be capable of solving societal problems;
  • Develop and improve curriculum materials and pedagogical practices so as to ensure quality education at primary, secondary and College level.
  • Lay out a strong foundation for the research culture of the College

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