Dear Students and parents, Subject: Welcome to Dandii Boru School Welcome all of you to the new academic year! We are thrilled to be partnering with you as you participate in an exciting educational journey of learning is a treasure. Whether you are a returning, year by year, or new student, you will find unlimited opportunities to enjoy Dandii Boru life by learning, exploring, and engaging together. This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary of Dandii Boru School existence. Over the decades, Dandii Boru has risen rapidly to become a preeminent Addis-Ababa City best private school. This year our school is among the top private school in the country. We are also ranked No. 1 or 2 in our sub city for producing an excellent result in national examinations and other competitions, according to many Education Offices in the city. Our students re nationally and internationally recognized with so many top awards, including Harvard University. Vital to the excellence, creativity, and innovation at Dandii Boru School is our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. We are one of the members of the Addis-Ababa Private Schools Association, and we are ranked by Ministry of Education of Ethiopia among the nation’s top private school most committed to economic diversity. Cultivating our rich diversity is a hallmark of our school. We encourage one another to celebrate our differences, and to foster a community free of intolerance and discrimination. Together we work to promote a school climate that is respectful, civil, supportive, and safe. These core values allow us to provide a living and learning environment where we can all pursue our dreams and reach our highest potential. I am confident that the year ahead will be full of rewarding experiences. The school management team and I look forward to seeing you around the school. Thank you for being a special member of our Dandii Boru School family! Sincerely,

Dr. Likissa Dinsa,

Managing Director

Why Us?



There are countless reasons why technology is a key aspect of learning in the schools. Whether we like it or not, technology is everywhere; and in order for our students to survive in post-secondary education and the business world, they must know technology.


Student-centered learning (SCL) might seem inconsistent with basic educational goals. After all, the purpose of school is for students to gain knowledge, right? To many teachers, it seems obvious that for knowledge to be useful, lessons must be centered around the goals of the teacher.

Practical Training

Practice is student’s temporary work that takes place within the framework of learning and assessment, where students take individual responsibility to learn.


We use different strategies to support our students: including tutoring sessions, supplemental courses, summer learning experiences, after-school programs, teacher advisors, and volunteer mentors, as well as alternative ways of grouping, counseling, and instructing students.

Dandii Boru School.
Learning is a treusure!

DBS envisages being the foremost knowledge development institution and aims to produce desired students throughout the world.

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Back view of the school building

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Students experimanting in science lab!

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GC class.

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Managment team-Graduation day!.